About Us


Mother Mary English School is a unit of “Mother Mary Education Trust” and was originally started as a “Mother Mary Children Day care” in the year 1983 by Augustan & Irene Slim

As a successful “Day care Facility” the founders realized that the neighborhood schools were only offering “NON- STATE syllabus programs” with very expensive fees structures, due to which many of the neighborhood children were unable to coupe up to the syllabus and were also not in a position to afford these fees structures. That is when the founders grasped the opportunity and launched “Mother Mary English School” – a school that offers state syllabus education at a very low fees structure.

MMES has always been a “student-focused ” institution and has always been committed to making a difference within the community. We are proud to say that in the last 30 years we have helped to generate many Professionals in various fields like: Medicine, Education, IT, Management ect.

As off today MMES consists of more than 800 students and is a well known institution within the neighborhood. The school comprises of nursery, primary & high school. Our Highly qualified staff has dedicated their life’s to the advancement of student within the institution. Love, Guidance & knowledge is what we believe in, and is also the credo of the school.

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